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Electric Cleaning Brush

Electric Cleaning Brush

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Experience the power and efficiency of advanced technology in the palm of your hand. The Electric Cleaning Brush boasts a powerful motor that delivers rapid rotations, ensuring deep cleaning action on various surfaces. Whether it's scrubbing tile grout, removing stubborn stains from countertops, or revitalizing bathroom fixtures, this versatile brush is up for any challenge.

Product Features

✔️ Powerful Rotating Motor

  • Our Electric Cleaning Brush is equipped with a high-performance rotating motor that delivers incredible scrubbing power. The rapid rotations provide deep cleaning action, effectively removing tough dirt and grime from various surfaces, saving you time and effort during your cleaning tasks.

✔️ Cordless & Rechargeable

  • Enjoy the freedom to clean anywhere without being restricted by power outlets. The long-lasting battery ensures extended usage, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor cleaning projects.

✔️ Interchangeable Brush Heads

  • Designed for specific cleaning tasks, these heads allow you to switch between soft bristles for delicate surfaces and sturdy bristles for more challenging areas. Effortlessly adapt to different cleaning needs with ease and precision.

Product Specifications

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Charging: USB Charging (Included)

Package Includes

  • 01x Electric Cleaning Brush
  • 03x Different Cleaning Brushes
  • 01x USB Charging 
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